Why Shop for School Bibles this Christmas Season

Written by BSkenya

December 16, 2019

December is that month we always look forward to because it is a festive season. It is usually a short month loaded with lots of activities that in some instances we forget that January is around the corner. In January you get to hear many people complain about being broke and the month being long. That is why we advise you to shop for your child’s school supplies this December and more specifically the School Bible.

Most school-going children don’t have a Bible of their own because parents think it is okay for them to use the family Bible. This is not a bad idea, but it is more beneficial for children to interact with the word of God personally from a young age. Buying them a school Bible is killing two birds with one stone. They get to own a Bible and still use it for their studies.

Christmas involves gift-giving and you should consider buying them a Bible as a gift. They will be able to read the story of the birth of Christ and get a clear understanding of what Christmas is all about. They will also be familiar with the scriptures and will be able to define between facts and myths about Christmas. Buying them a Bible during this season will help you avoid the back to school rush.

Budgeting for the school Bible at this moment will save you from possible stress in the future because of overspending during this period. We care for you that is why we want to help you and wish that you have the best merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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