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Written by BSkenya

April 28, 2020

Every time the Health Cabinet Secretary Hon. Mutahi Kagwe give updates about Covid-19, I am always certain he will remind us of the rules of the game. Wear a mask when going out, sanitize your hands, and keep social distancing. Curfew and cessation have been on now we are heading to the fourth week as well. He repeatedly mentions we need to be disciplined and that is how we can overcome the virus. This is not new, let me move on.

In life, rules and regulations are not meant to restrain our freedom. Rather, they make our life easier by safeguarding us. Right? It is hard but we endure for the sake of our lives. We often do not enjoy authority telling us what to do but since it is the current authority that is representative of God here on earth, we must abide. Our acceptance of the authority God has given us is our obedience to Him.

Paul reminds Timothy that he has to endure hardship like a good soldier of Christ. A soldier of Christ does not involve in civilian affairs for he wants to lease his commanding officer. Likewise, we are not just any people but God’s people. We ought to work towards pleasing our God even when we do not feel like. We do not allow emotions to dictate our obedience but do it by faith. Paul continues to say that when competing as an athlete, one does not receive a crown unless he competes according to the rules. Simply put, have an obligation of obeying. Obedience free us from trouble and yields blessings. (James 1:25.)

We are a people being guided by rules. As we wait patiently for salvation through this pandemic and all effects it has brought forth, we must remain under the boundaries set. Failure to do so is to invite death amongst us. Nobody wants that. You may want to argue but it is not a time to argue but being on the right.

Finally, we can learn from the Israelites. The people of God were allocated land according to their tribes. There were demarcations to show the specific land for every one of the 12 tribes. This had to be done for orderliness and not to cause strife in the future. However, something happened. Rebellion. (Joshua 22) The Reubenites, Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh opted to go beyond the set boundaries and friends, they faced dire consequences. They were exiled by Assyrians because of their unfaithfulness to God and the Bible records that they are there, in the land of exile to this day. (1st Chronicles 5:23-26).

We can learn from the examples above in the Word of God and pay attention to boundaries set for our good.

By Susan Ndiang’ui




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