Community of Practice (CoP) Event.

Written by Kelvin Yatich

June 20, 2024

The Bible Society of Kenya (BSK) held a successful Community of Practice (CoP) event on June 22, 2024, which brought together trauma healers to share experiences, victories, challenges, and celebrate together. The meeting was held at All Saints Cathedral Church in Nairobi and had an attendance of over 150 people.
The participants shared their various experiences, noting that the trauma healing program has been very helpful in offering skills for handling trauma. Pst. James Cosam, Chaplain at the Kenya Police, shared that the knowledge he acquired from the trauma healing training helps him listen to his colleagues as they handle challenging situations, given that they too are human beings and need to be helped.
Ms. Jackline Chesa shared her experience working with widows, highlighting that she has been able to assist many people who have gone through grief, a lesson she learned in the trauma healing training. She is actively involved in the care ministry in her Church, which reaches out to people who are sick or have lost loved ones. She also noted that the lesson on forgiveness has greatly helped her in her ministry in Church and with other individuals.
The event also saw the graduation of Cohort nine, which had gone through the classic trauma healing training. It was a great opportunity for participants to share, engage, and network.
As a Society, BSK hopes to inspire hope in people’s lives through the word of God. They look forward to more people signing up for training so that many can be equipped to assist members of the community who have gone through traumatic experiences.
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